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Convector Heaters

Patent heater
Hedgehog Heating element
The world's first hedgehog patented heating element, advanced integrated aluminum sheet forming technology, hedgehog distributed heat sink, and uniform sandblasting process, have 37% more air contact area than ordinary elements, and 99% more heat dissipation, room heating speed has increased by 20%, and the product is more safe and stable, and the integrated die-casting aluminum material greatly extends the service life.
Patented technology
Digital Inverter
Patent digital inverter technology, real-time monitoring of indoor temperature, set temperature and equipment temperature, automatic calculation of the best heating power and time to complete the heating constant temperature, avoid high-power start and stop equipment, realize more accurate temperature control, make indoor temperature more comfortable, reduce component loss and grid load, and reduce the power consumption of products by 30%.
Intelligent control
WIFI module & sensing module
The product is equipped with an accurate temperature control electronic control box, with a control accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃. Combined with WiFi module and energloux mobile app, it can realize remote control and be easily set and used anywhere. In addition, there is also a human body sensing module, which automatically senses the human body entering and leaving the room, realizing automatic start-up and shut-down, and providing 40% energy saving of the product.